1 - Grocery Shopping on a Sunday

2 - A Well Respected Periodical. Typos Abound.

3 - Just some Bros Shooting the Breeze


You are Banana Fran, tough-as-nuts bounty hunter and playboy extraordinaire

That pile of chump in your backseat is Anthony "Borgy" Borgazi - a master hacker for the Screamin' Mimis motorcycle gang. A few months ago, Borgy hacked some major internet players. He even cracked a few top-secret government networks. He caused quite the uproar. You don't give a lick. Fightin, swearin, spittin, drinkin - that's more your speed. Borgy's got a price on his head, a high one, and that's all you need to know.

Borgy was obviously a major breadwinner for the gang; they fought tooth and nail to keep him around. It's too bad for them that teeth and nails don't amount to a hill of beans against a banana with a Swesson 820 Sawed-off and a handful of Drocker all-purpose hand grenades. Still, the Mimi's are known to operate this far North, and some of the tougher ones can be real mothers. You're beat and low on ammo. Even a hard-ass like yourself has to admit that trouble is best avoided at this point.

You're headed north on Route 55, a glorified dirt road, at an easy 135 mph - a casual pace for your 1965 Diablo GV-200. Even so, you've still got about half a day's drive to Doggart, the nearest Bounty Bingo hub. A sign, "GAS - last chances for 70 miles", is the first evidence of civilization you're seen in hours.

Your fuel gauge is reading about a quarter tank. Now WOULD be a good time to get gas. You know, if you're the play it safe kind of banana. The gas station exit is coming up on your right... what do YOU do?

4 - Choose Your Own Adventure Type Story about a Vampire-Slaying Banana

5 - Etiquette and Proper Decorum with a Flying Shark-Man-Thing

6 - A Valuable Life Lesson

7 - That's Obama Care for Ya!

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8 - A Website Background

9 - Girlfriends... Am I Right?!

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10 - An Interactive .swf about Pigs and Valentine's Day